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Tips on 360° Panoramas


Heritage Sites That Can Be Included

We have compiled lists of sites statewise that you can photograph and you can check them here. However only a small portion of the country sites have been listed. Use our definition of what can included to earn the Explorer Tag and discover historic sites for us.


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For how long will the challenge be running?

Website is open for submissions till 2020 however to be eligible for prizes only the ones done on or before 18th May, 2019 will be eligible.

What all falls under the Heritage category?

Stepwell (baoli, bawri, bao, vao),tanks, lakes, ponds (talaab,talai, jhalara, kund ), wells (kua, kui) ghats, bath (hammam), mosque, temple (hindu, jain, bahai, etc.), gurudwara, monastery, stupa, church, synagogue, tower of silence, cemetery, cremation ground, cenotaph (chhattri), fort (kila), citadel, palace, wall, tower, gate (toran), colonial building, bridge, serai, private home, market, bazaar, kos minar, clock tower, modern heritage all qualify.

How many entries one person can do?

There is no limit to the number of entries one person can do. Top three will also receive prizes.

3rd party app for 360-degree photos?

While we have tested many apps for making panoramas we have found Cardboard Camera as the most suitable for this challenge.